We are girls who love to brunch..

This time my girl Hanna picked out NAC Mayfair, and it did not disappoint. Pre-booking meant that we manged to get a table by the window which was lovely (the lighting was everything + people watching). The waiter came to take our order and we both asked if we could have the Ricotta pancakes with dulce de leche (basically caramel sauce) & banana. He quickly told us that we wouldn’t be able to finish the pancakes and suggested we order 1 set of pancakes and something else from the menu. So you can imagine myself and Hanna are feeling a little offended *pause* like dude we are foodies we eat a lot we can handle it + we secretly thinking he wanted us to spend more money by ordering something else. But he convinced us that the pancakes would be a large potion so we ordered an acai bowl.

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When the food arrived it looked glorious the acai bowl was the perfect type of sweet (not too sweet) and light. Then the pancakes stack was definitely enough, each pancake was thick & fluffy once cut in the centre the sauce falls into the middle how glorious! our eyes and smiles were huge. We shared both dishes & I recommend doing so or if your going to have the pancakes just don’t eat too much before so you can really dig in & finish them.
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Wondering were NAC Mayfair is.. its located near oxford circus you can hop off the central line or the bus and place NAC Mayfair into google maps its a 5 minute walk from the tube station.


After NAC we decided to head to Shoreditch were we just had a walk about and tried to explore new photography scenes. But of course we still were thinking about food and when in Shoreditch your never far from discovering something tasty. On this day we found the Softservesociety ice cream shop at Boxpark this is a soft serve dessert bar specialising in creating and serving soft ice cream flavors. I tried the matcha and vanilla flavors together as I was worried the matcha could be too strong but plain vanilla could be boring & the result of the mix tasted so good it was light and refreshing which is different to some of the other ice creams which are heavy & take a little longer to melt. Also I felt as though this one didn’t leave a diary taste in the mouth which I like (not sure if anyone knows that after diary milk taste). But yas people, I think this ice cream shop is the place to be no matter the weather.  Since this day whenever I’m in the Brick Lane/ Shoreditch area I make it a priority to pop in. IMG_5462
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Me and Hanna are such foodies, we are consistently looking for the best spots to eat. We love places with fresh food where chefs cook with their hearts and London is one of the best places for Brunch, Lunch and Dinner with flavors from all around the world. We especially love a good brunch and I love food which reflects with vibrant colors surely that means more nutrition (I tell myself). We plan on trying as many places as we can overtime, Hanna always say only if we could be hungry more than times a day so we can eat more (real foodie words right there).

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I hope you enjoyed this food post,

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5 thoughts on “BRUNCH AT NAC MAYFAIR”

  1. omg!! I always worry that vanilla ice cream is too plain whenever i go out for the best ice cream in town where i live! But i really enjoyed this food post! Such great content and the pictures are beyond amazing! xxx


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